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On April 22nd, 2013 Tim DeChristopher was released from 

Federal Prison after serving his 2 year sentence.  A month before his release, Tim was accepted into Harvard Divinity School for Fall 2013.  


Tim DeChristopher’s 5 year struggle within the US Justice System has come to a close, but the battle for a livable future continues.  Get involved.  Act. Organize.

For media, interviews and speaking requests please contact:


"Throughout my incarceration I have witnessed the direct personal impacts of a legal system obsessed 
with technicalities rather than justice. The prisons I have been in are filled with nonviolent inmates suffering from mandatory minimums and other policies which are completely detached from the best interests of the individual or society. The injustice on display in my case is truly systemic, and we will put our continuing efforts toward creating a system of genuine justice for all." 
                                           - Tim DeChristopher
Photo Credits: 1) Yes! Magazine   --**Taken from Tim's response to the 10th District Court's decision to uphold Judge Benson's ruling.  To read the entire statement, please visit:  www.peacefuluprising.org/tim-dechristopher